Add Emergency Contacts

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Having an emergency contact for each client can be helpful when you cannot access the client's home or cannot reach the client. The Client Account also stores client, home and pets details, as well as client order history and payment details.

You decide who to list as the main contact and alternative contact, but the following rules apply:
  • You can enter an email address for main contact, spouse/alternative contact and emergency contact 1. 
  • Quotes and Invoices are sent to the main contact.
  • Quotes and Invoices can be sent to the spouse/alternative contact and/or emergency contact 1 IF you toggle "CC Emails to this Address" to "ON" and enter a valid email address.
  • Only the main contact Name and Address will appear on Quotes and Invoices.
  • Merge codes that insert data into email correspondence are only available for the Main Contact. 
  • The main contact's email is the log-in connected to the client portal.

Tip: Adding an Emergency contact allows you to streamline communication, as you can automatically CC communications to the contact.

How Do I Add Each Emergency Contact?

Navigation: Clients > access client account > Client Information > Emergency Contacts

Enter data each field as follows:
  • First Name:  Emergency contact first name.
  • Last Name: Emergency contact last name.
  • Relationship to you?: Choose from Dropdown.
  • Email: Emergency contact's email address.
  • CC Emails to this Address: Emails to Main Contact are CC'd to Emergency Contact when toggled ON.
  • Home Phone: Emergency contact's Home phone number.
  • Work Phone: Emergency contact's Work number.
  • Mobile (Cell) Phone: Emergency contact's Mobile number.
  • Address: This is a free format address (or optionally line-separated) which should include a zip code / postcode.
  • Notes (Public): Enter notes, such as how to contact if the main contact is unavailable.
  • Does this contact hold a key to your home?: Toggle "ON" if contact has a key for the home.
  • Click "Update."
Add emergency contact info for your client account in dog walking software

Tip: To change the content and layout in this section, see Custom Fields.

About Custom Fields
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