Managing Invoice Types

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Invoice Types are used to group clients invoiced on different billing cycles and create different Due Dates on Invoices. This is helpful during bulk scheduling and bulk invoicing. See Understanding Invoice Types.


How Do I Add an Invoice Type?

Navigation: Admin > Supporting Data > Invoice Types

Step 1

  • Click "New Invoice Type."
  • Enter a description in the Name field.
  • Click "Create Type."

Adding an Invoice Type to your dog walking software

Step 2

  • The invoice will default to "0" days for when the payment is due. So if you created a Daycare invoice it would say that the Payment was due on the day that the service was due to begin.
  • If you ask clients to pre-pay for daycare, you can set the number of days prior to the start of service here that you want the invoice to state for payment being due.

Tip: You can also set the payment due to be "days after invoice sent" for services that are invoiced in arrears, rather than in advance.

Set your payment due on an invoice to your dog walking software

How Do I Change the Name of an Invoice Type?

  • Click the Invoice Type Name.
  • Edit the description in the Name field.
  • Click "Update."
Note: Once you change the name of the Invoice Type, all clients associated with that Invoice Type will now be coded to the newly named Invoice Type.

Edit an Invoice Type to your dog walking software

How Do I Delete an Invoice Type?

  • Click on the Invoice Type Name.
  • Click "Delete."
Warning: Once you delete an Invoice Type, all of the clients previously set to that Invoice Type are marked as "Not Set" and you will not be able to identify which Invoice Type they previously had.

Delete an Invoice Type in your dog walker software

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