Set Service Radius for Client Registration

Modified on Wed, 12 Oct 2022 at 10:36 PM

As part of your onboarding process, if you want clients to be able to register in the Client Portal you will need to define your service radius, i.e., the geographic area that you do business in. Setting this service radius will prevent clients from outside your business area from registering with you and booking services that you cannot accept.

How does it work?

You will need to set the distance from your client's address to your company location and / or at least one member of staff in your database up to a maximum of 100 miles. Without this data, Pet Sitter Plus cannot determine whether the registrant should be approved or blocked.

If the registrant is outside your area, but less than 2,000 miles, their registration will be forwarded to the Registration Exceptions tab (accessed via the menu on the Home dashboard). You can then decide if you want to allow them to register or decline it. See What are Registration Exceptions? for more information.

If the registrant lives over 2,000 miles away from your company location, the registrant will see a 404 error and will not be able to register.

How do I Set the Location Radius?

Navigation: Admin > Settings > Client Portal > Registration

Step 1

  • Switch the option ON for "Allow new client registration."
  • Click "Update" to save.

Step 2

Decide how many miles distance you want to set from the client's address to either the company location or the nearest staff member. 
  • Add the distance in "Service Area Radius (miles, max 100)."
  • In "Service Area Radius Calculated as Distance From" choose an option from the dropdown, either:
    • Nearest Staff or Company Location, or
    • Company Location
  • Click "Update" to save.

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