What is the Schedule Ref?

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The "Schedule Ref" field is part of the Client Account which stores client, home and pet details, as well as client order history and payment details. It is a client identifier used in the Schedule, Invoices, Service emails and email merges. 

The following is detail on how the Schedule Ref field is used:
  • Schedule Ref appears in the schedule on client services. It is the only way to list pet name(s) on the schedule.
  • Schedule Ref is merged when {CLIENT_REFERENCE} is used in an email, on invoice or quote narrative for example.
  • We recommend using pets' name(s) in this field. If you do not use Pet name(s), there is no way to show the pet name in your schedule or to merge it into an email.
  • Alternatively, if you have a client with four cats, you could type "cats" instead of the cat names into the Schedule Ref to keep it simple.

Tip: Update this field each time the client's pets change. Additionally, if you are only caring for a subset of a client's pets during specific visits, use Schedule Ref Override to indicate that to staff.

Note: Schedule Ref. is inserted when {CLIENT_REFERENCE} merge code is used. If you type "George or Harry" or "cats," your email would read "We are delighted to visit George or Harry" OR "We are delighted to visit cats soon."

How Do I Change the Schedule Ref?

Navigation: Clients > access client account > Client Information > Client Details

  • Enter new text in "Schedule Ref."
  • Click "Update."

How to change the schedule ref in dog walking software

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