Auto Submit Service Requests

Modified on Fri, 30 Sep 2022 at 03:25 PM

The auto-submit feature identifies clients who select the services they require in the Portal, BUT forget to click "Submit Now" when sending you their service requests. 

When requesting services in the Portal, some clients do not realize that service requests are NOT complete until they click “Submit Now.” 

After selecting the dates, service, and time block, clients click “Add to request” allowing them to continue to build a full set of services needed, before submitting them. If the client forgets to click “Submit Now,” requests remain in the Portal, un-submitted. Clients (and Admin) are unaware the services have not been requested.

How Will I Know if a Client Forgets to Submit their Service Requests?

Navigation: Admin > Settings > Service Request Settings > Advanced

"Auto Submit" is a safety net that transmits these services after the number of hours of inactivity that you set. Requests transmitted to you via this method are stamped in red with “Auto-Submitted.”
  • In "Auto submit outstanding requests after (hours)" enter number of hours you feel is right for your business.
  • Click "Update."

Set a time limit for auto submitted service requests in your dog walker software

Auto-Submitted services are added to your regular Service Requests, with a clear warning in red saying "AUTO SUBMITTED."

Set a time limit for auto submitted service requests in your dog walking software

What Do I Do with Auto Submitted Service Requests?

It's your decision how to handle auto-submitted requests. We recommend when you receive an auto-submitted request, you consult with your client before processing the request onto your schedule. They may have forgotten to click "Submit" BUT they could just as easily have changed their mind and not want the services anymore, so scheduling without checking first might cause problems. 

Note: Email confirmations for services that have been auto-submitted are identified with the words (auto submitted) in the subject line of the email.

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