Getting Started: Accepting Online Payments

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Getting Started Accepting Online Payments: You can accept online payments in two ways: Stripe and PayPal. Both permit Credit Card Payments. Stripe also allows ACH transfers in the US Only. Accounting automation is one benefit of online payment. Payments are recorded automatically, invoices are marked paid and Accounts Receivables are updated. You can use both Payment Processors, but each client can only have the option to pay with Stripe OR PayPal.

Note: To accept PayPal payments, contact to add PayPal to your account. Then see PayPal Configuration later on in this article.

1. Stripe Account Set Up

To accept Online Payments via Stripe, create a new Stripe account, or connect your existing Account.
  • Select "Connect with Stripe."

Set up Stripe in your dog walking software

  • Have a Stripe account? Enter details of your existing Stripe account to link it to Pet Sitter Plus.
  • No Stripe Account? Enter details to create a Stripe account. 
  • Once you receive the Stripe Account approval email, return to this page to link it to Pet Sitter Plus.

2. Stripe Configuration

After you link your Stripe Account to Pet Sitter Plus, you can configure the settings.

  • Require Automatic Charges Allowed: When ON, all clients must agree to Automatic Payments if they store a Payment Card. They have the option to make a one-time payment and remove their card. When OFF, clients can opt to allow automatic payments for a stored card.
  • Use ACH with Plaid: Only available in North America. Allows for bank transfers via Stripe. Click "these Instructions" to agree to the Stripe terms and conditions.
  • Prefer ACH: Emphasizes ACH over Credit Cards. 
  • Do Not Allow New Cards: Leave this OFF.

Set up ACH in Stripe Payment Processors in Cat Sitting Software

3. PayPal Configuration

  • Add your PayPal Account email address to connect your PayPal Account to Pet Sitter Plus.
  • Select "Update."

Use PayPal in best dog walking app

4. Default Configuration

Now that the Payment Processors are connected, you can set all clients in the database and new ones as they are added to have a Default Payment option. 
  • Default: Select the Payment Option you want to set as the Default for clients.
  • Change all clients to default setting on Update: If you have any clients in your database, check this box to set them to the Default. Otherwise they will retain their existing option or none.

Set Stripe as your default payment processor in best pet sitter app

You can set an individual client to the non-Default Payment Method from their Client Account: Access a client Account, Select Client Admin, then Settings.

  • Payment Method: Select the Payment Option you want to set for this client.
  • Select "Update."

Set Stripe as your default payment processor in top pet sitting app


Your configuration is complete. You can move into adding Clients.

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