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Outstanding Invoices (Accounts Receivable) are easily viewed in the Unpaid Invoices Report. Here you can view and filter invoices that still have any balance due. Use the Unpaid Invoices Report (or credit control report) when you need to:

You can also filter by Date and Invoice Type and sort by Due Date, Aging, Client, Date Invoice was last emailed, Service Start or End Date, Amount Due, and Invoice Type. You can take payment if a client has a card on file, Receipt payments in bulk and email reminders to clients with a balance due.

Tip: You can sort this report by clicking any Column Name in the Header Row, click a second time and sort it in reverse.

Note: Date pulls Outstanding Invoices into the report that are Due by that date, not created by that date.

How Do I View and Export the Unpaid Invoices Report?

Navigation: Invoicing > Unpaid Invoices

  • To view Invoices by one Invoice Type, select the appropriate Invoice Type from the first drop down list. To view All Invoices leave the default setting of "All Invoice Types."
  • Select a date. All debts where the due date of the invoice is on or before the date selected.
  • (Optional) Select "CSV" to Export the content from the report you produced.

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The Unpaid Invoices Report Explained:

  • #: Invoice number. Click on the invoice number to access the invoice screen. To return to this report, click "Back" button.
  • Client: Client's Last Name, First Name. Click client name to access Client Record. To return to this report, click "Back" button.
  • Ref: Schedule Ref for this client.
  • Start: Service start date for the Invoice.
  • Last Sent: Date invoice was last sent to client. Use it to determine when to send it again. 
  • Due: Invoice due date, based on the Invoice Type for this Invoice.
  • Ageing: Number of days until the due date. If the number is positive (10), the invoice is 10 days overdue. If the number is negative (-10), the invoice will be due in 10 days.
  • Total: Total amount of the invoice before any payments were made.
  • Tips: Amount of Tip added to the invoice using Stripe via the Portal.
  • Invoice Type: Invoice Type associated with the invoice which determines the Due Date. Refer to Invoice Types for more information.
  • Credit Card Image: If an "S" in a green box appears in this column, the client has a payment method on file. For these clients, you can take payment via this report.
  • Overdue: Amount of the invoice that is still due, after any payments have been deducted.

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