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Pet Sitter Plus provides you with a set of powerful software tools offering flexible solutions to adapt to your business model.

In order for our pet sitting software solution to work WITH your business, it is important that you learn as much as you can about how Pet Sitter Plus works and how you can customize and adapt the software to achieve the most out of it.


Navigation: Log in to Pet Sitter Plus from your unique URL sent to you via email when you first signed up for a free trial.

Tip: If you are new to Pet Sitter Plus, we recommend you follow this Tutorial – step-by-step – as this proven method of learning will ensure your software is set up correctly so you are ready to implement it in your business at the earliest opportunity.

Note: There are a few areas of the software that do not apply to a solo businesses, or sole traders who do not employ staff or independent contractors.

Once you have discovered the many ways Pet Sitter Plus can help your business evolve and grow, we will be happy to offer you a no obligation coaching session to answer the many questions you will probably have!

Please email us at and we will connect you with a software coach for your free session.

Here are the list of steps to follow:

Step 1: Set up Pet Sitter Plus in your browser 

How to install a browser onto your PC and save a bookmark to your Pet Sitter Plus software. We will use a fictional pet sitting business in the tutorial called Dogz and Catz Pet Sitting to demonstrate how you might start using Pet Sitter Plus in your business, and you can read more about the fictional company background.

Step 2: Add Services 

Learn how to re-configure the services included in your software, and to set up new services to suit your business. This includes setting your prices, how much you pay staff, plus other optional settings such as the time when the service will be performed.

Step 3: Add Staff and Set Permissions for Staff and Admin 

You will need to assign services to a staff member within your software, which may include yourself if you also undertake jobs for the business. Learn how to add a staff record, including their contact details and working hours.  See how to give your staff access to the software, both with enhanced access for more senior staff, and also restricting the access for more junior or new staff roles.

Step 4: Add Clients 

A number of sample client (and pet) accounts are pre-configured in your software to use when you are first learning. Before you learn how to set up your own client accounts, you will need to gain an understanding of the client schedule/diary ref, plus how payment and client types are used. Then you will be ready to add your clients to the software.

Step 5: Add Pets and Routines 

In order to schedule services, each client will need at least one pet within their client account. See how to add a new pet, and how to add the pet's daily feeding and sleeping routine, including setting up your directory of vets.

Step 6: Add Service Orders 

You are now ready to start scheduling services for your clients which will create service orders in the software. You will learn how to create a repeat service for regular bookings, how to schedule it and view the service order it creates.

Step 7: Check the Schedule 

Once you have scheduled some work, see how to view the services in the Schedule, including how to customize the appearance of your Schedule. You will also learn how to manage or edit a client's services from within the Schedule.

Step 8: Send Quotes & Invoices 

In this section, you will learn how to send a professional quote to a client, and also how to create your invoices and account summaries, both individually and in bulk using the Un-invoiced Report to identify services that are ready to be invoiced. Firstly, you will need to upload your company logo.

Step 9: Receipts & Payments 

Now that you have sent out invoices, you can learn how to run a credit control report to view outstanding invoices and send reminder emails. We will also post a manual receipt to mark invoices as paid, and view the Receipts Report for payments received.

Step 10: Invite Clients to Use the Portal 

We will follow the procedure for inviting clients to start using the portal, including how they can book online and update their personal and pet information. We will also look at the Service Request workflow for managing and scheduling online bookings.

Step 11: Check your Settings 

There are a number of settings in the Admin section of Pet Sitter Plus that will need to be checked to ensure it operates the way you need it to, such as timezone, currency, tax, and functions of the Client Portal and Invoicing.

Now you are ready to start working through each of the steps!

Click the link below to move onto the first section in our Step by Step guide:

Tutorial: 1 Install A Browser

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