Record Payment in Full or Partial Payment

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There are a few ways to record payments: payment in full, partial payment and create a credit on account. Here are the instructions to add a full or partial payment to a Clients Account.

Tip: Payments for cash, check and other direct payments are added manually. Stripe Payments are added automatically and cannot be edited.

How Do I Post a Full or Partial Payment?

Navigation: Clients > Payments & Refunds > Payments

The process for adding a Payment is the same for a Full or Partial Payment. 

Example below shows a Payment in Full and a Partial Payment 
Client Debbie Adams was sent two invoices. One for $125 and another for $75. They are both due for payment.
  • Debbie sent a check for $150 to pay her $125 invoice in full, and partially pay the $75 invoice, leaving a balance of $50.
  • The payment can be added and allocated to the two outstanding invoices.
  • This reduces the account balance by the amount of the payment.
  • The first invoice for $125 is marked as paid and the 2nd invoice for $75 is partially paid. This allocation can be changed manually if you wish.

Step 1

  • Click "New Payment."

Adding a full or partial payment in cat sitting software

Step 2

Enter the information as follows:
  • Date: Enter the date the payment was received.
  • Amount: Enter the payment amount of $150.
  • Enter Payment Type: Such as cash, check or bank transfer.
  • Details: Leave "Payment Received" or edit as needed, such as to add a check number.
  • Ensure payment is allocated (applied) to the correct invoice number. Payments are allocated to the most logical invoice, but you can edit as needed. In the example below, the $150 payment is allocated to pay the entire $125 invoice and partially pay the $75 Invoice.
Adding a full or partial payment in pet sitting software

Tip:  If there are no Invoices present with outstanding amounts, a payment can still be added to the Client Account to be used as credit for when an Invoice is next created.

Step 3

  • To send an email receipt, toggle "Email Client" ON.
  • Select the "Receipt" Email Template from the drop-down, edit "Email Subject" and content if needed.
  • Click "Add Payment."

Note: The merge code ${PAYMENT_RECEIVED} inserts the payment amount ($150) into the email.

Send a receipt email for a full or partial payment in pet sitting software

Step 4

  • The payment is added to the Payments list. 
  • To view the invoices the payment is allocated to, click on an invoice number.

Adding a full or partial payment in pet sitter software

Step 5

Navigation: Clients > select a Client > Orders & Invoices

  • The $125 invoice shows as "Paid" in green, the amount in the "Paid" column is the full amount of the invoice, and the "Outst." (outstanding) amount is $0.
  • The $75 Invoice is showing as "Overdue," the "Paid" column shows the partial payment of $25 and the "Outst." (outstanding) amount is $50.

Adding a full or partial payment in pet sitter software

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