Using the Invoice Screen

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An invoice is a bill you send a client so they can pay you for their services. The Invoice screen displays the client's invoice. From the Invoice screen, you can send/resend the invoice, void the invoice, add Admin notes to the invoice, and more.

How Do I Find an Invoice?

Navigation: Clients > access a client account > Orders & Invoices

  • From the client's Orders & Invoices screen, click the blue "Invoice No. XXX" to view the invoice.

The Orders screen in dog walker software

What Do the Columns Mean on an Invoice?

The following is an explanation of what you see on an invoice:

Day: Day of the week the service is scheduled.

Date: Date of the service.

Description: The long description of the service item.

Q: Quantity of services being invoiced on that line item.

Each (Gross): Amount charged for each individual service sold.

Amount: Total amount charged. Charge = Qty x Each (Gross).

Tax: If you are registered for paying Tax, the amount will be entered here to be added to the Total (Gross) amount due.

Payment Terms: This is a system generated paragraph based on the number of days that have been set for the client's Invoice Type that determines the Invoice Due Date.

Contact Information: This is merged from the Invoicing > Settings page. See How Do I Customize Payment Information on Invoices? to edit.

If you are registered for paying Tax, it is a legal requirement in some countries to include your registered number on your invoice and this can be included here.

An invoice in pet sitting software

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