Finding and Using a Quote

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The Quote screen displays the services in the service order in Quote format. It includes the client's itemized services and prices and the amount that will be due when Invoiced. The Quote screen also provides options for managing the quote, editing the services and turning the quote into an Invoice.

More About Quotes

Once you have scheduled services in a service order, you have the option to send your client a quote. Quotes look like invoices but they are an estimate showing the dates and rates of scheduled services, but they cannot have payments receipted to them. Whereas Invoices are an actual bill for services that is owed now and can be paid. 

How Do I Find a Quote?

Navigation: Clients > access a client's account > Orders & Invoices

  • Service orders are displayed in date order, with the newest order at the top of the list.
  • When the client has several orders, the older ones will move onto page 2, 3 etc so you will need to toggle through the page order to find an older quote.
  • Service orders that have NOT been invoiced are at "quote" status.
  • When you find the order you want, click the blue word "Quote" to view the quote for the order's scheduled services.

The Order and Invoices screen in pet sitter software

Using a Quote

  • Using the menu on the left you can download a PDF, change the Invoice Type (which affects the due date for the invoice), email the quote, and create an invoice from the quote.
  • More details about the Client Account can be viewed on the Summary & Downloads tab where you can also download a PDF.
  • Notes can be added about the quote on the Admin Notes tab.

What do the Columns mean on the Quote details screen?

Below is an explanation of what you see on the quote details screen followed by how you find a client's quote:


Contains the day of the week relating to the service.


Contains the date of the service.


The long description of the service item.


The total quantity of services being quoted for, i.e. "3" hours of hourly pet sitting. The Quantity "3" will triple the price and compensation for the service. 


Amount charged for each individual service sold.


Total amount charged. Charge = Qty x Net Unit.

Payment Terms

This is a system generated paragraph based on the number of days that have been set in the Invoice Types to determine the invoice due date.

Contact Information

The information that appears on the Quote details screen, as well as printed on the Quote PDF, can be customized (see Customizing Quotes) and can include as much or as little information as needed, such as how clients should pay for their services. 

If you are registered for paying Tax, it is a legal requirement in some countries to include your registered number on your invoice and this can be included here.

The Quote screen in dog day care software

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