Create an Order and Email an Invoice

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Creating your schedule and invoicing clients are connected. You add scheduled services to a Service Order, which simultaneously adds them to your Schedule and then email an invoice to your client.

More About Service Orders

A Service Order contains services a client has ordered, for a date range that will be invoiced together, such as one month of daily walks or a 2 week vacation. The services are simultaneously populated to the Schedule and are used to create an Invoice for the Client.

Tip: Take a look at the further reading articles for more detail on how these processes work.

How Do I Add Services to an Order?

Navigation: Clients > access a client account > Orders & Invoices

Step 1

  • Add an order "Label," such as "December Vacation," or leaving it blank titles it "Service Order."
  • Click "Create New Order."
  • The new order opens ready to add services to the order.

Add a new order in your pet sitting software

Step 2

  • Click the button "Add."

Add a new order in your pet sitter software

Step 3

  • A pop-up appears, enter details for the new services. (See field explanations).
  • Click "Add."

Add a new order in your dog walking software

Step 4

  • Services are added to the order. You can Repeat "Add Services" if needed.
  • The status is "Quote," meaning services are scheduled, but not invoiced.

How do I Convert an Order (Quote) to an Invoice and Email to a Client?

Tip: Before converting a quote into an invoice, check the contents for accuracy.

Step 1

  • Click the blue word "Quote" to view the quote.

Create an invoice from a quote in your pet sitting software

Step 2

  • Click "Create Invoice" in the left-side navigation panel.

Create an invoice from a quote in your pet sitter software

Step 3

  • Check Invoice Settings and Email Options (see below).
  • Toggle "Send Email to Client" ON.
  • Toggle "Attach Account Summary PDF" ON to include a PDF list of other outstanding invoices due on a client's account.
  • Select the Email Template.
  • Click "Create Invoice."

Create an invoice from a quote in your cat sitting software

Step 4

  • An email with the Invoice PDF (and Account Summary PDF if selected) is sent. It is CC'd to Spouse / Alternative Contact and Emergency Contact 1 IF email addresses were added and IF "Copy Emails to this Address" is toggled ON.
  • The invoice date is set to today's date and the due date is calculated according to Invoice Type on the Client's Settings page.
  • A copy of the invoice is sent to your Admin email if you sent a copy to the client and the "CC Invoices to Company" box in "Invoice Options" is toggled "ON."

View an emailed invoice in your pet sitting software

Invoice & Email Settings

On the Create Invoice screen, select the options you require for creating your invoices.


Generally, you want to create an invoice for all services in a service order. Only change this option if you want to invoice "up to a date". If you choose to do this, a new date option will appear called "Invoice Up To And Including" for you to specify the date range for the invoice. For example, you may have scheduled all September dog walks in a single service order, but you may only want to invoice your client for the first two weeks of September, and produce a separate invoice at a later date for walks scheduled for the rest of the month. If you want to create an invoice for all services in the service order, then leave this option as "All Services".

Invoice Date (First Sent):

Select the date you first send the invoice to the client. This date will be displayed on the Unpaid Invoices Report so you know when you first sent the client an invoice. 

Due Date:

Select the date you want the invoice to be due. This date will be displayed on the invoice screen and account summary document. It will show in the client portal, and on the Unpaid Invoices report. You do not have to adjust this is you are using Invoice Type.

Automatic Payment Options: 

Take Payment if Applicable:
The option to "Take Payment if Applicable" is visible if:
  • you have "Enable Auto Billing" box checked in Invoice Settings in Admin > Settings > Invoicing AND
  • at least one of your client's Payment Processor is "Stripe" AND
  • at least one of your clients has registered a valid credit or debit card AND
  • the "Allow automatic payment" box is checked on the Payment Processors screen in the Portal.

Note: If you check this box, the system will attempt to take the appropriate payment from the client's card. If, for any reason, the card payment cannot be processed, e.g. there are insufficient funds in the account, then the invoice is created, but not emailed to the client.

Email Options: 

Send Email To Client:
Checking this box sends an email to the client's email address entered into the Main Contact Email Address in the client record. It is pre-checked but you can uncheck it at this point.

Attach Account Summary PDF:
Leave this box checked if you want to send an Account Summary to your clients with their invoice. Uncheck it if you do not want to attach an Account Summary. The Account Summary is like an overall Account Statement; it will show multiple outstanding invoices on the client's account (if applicable) and will show a total balance due on the account for all invoices. 

Email Template:
If you have not set a pre-selected email template for creating invoices, select the appropriate email template from the drop-down.

Email Subject:
The default Email subject displayed in this field is the custom email subject "Invoice", but you can change it here if you wish. If you do amend the subject on this screen, the default custom subject will not be changed. For more information on custom email subjects, please see Email Subject Settings.

Email Body:
The system will display the body of the email for the Email template you have chosen. You can amend the text here if you wish - this will not affect the template itself.

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