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Once you Add a New Pet Record, you or your client (via the Client Portal) can add information about that pet, as well as upload a photo for identification and to personalize the client experience. Pet records contain care details for each pet and are "associated" to a client account. Each Client Account can have as many pet records as needed. 

Note: There are three different pet records preset: "Dog", "Cat" & "Standard." When adding a new Pet, when "Type" is Dog, a different list of Page names and questions appear, when "Type" is Cat a different list appears as well. This helps show how 
Custom Fields works and can be used.

How Do I Complete the Pet Details section and Upload a Photo?

Navigation: Clients > access a client account > Client Information > Pet Details

Step 1

Add a photo:
  • Click "Choose File" in the Pet Photo section.
  • Navigate to the location of the pet image, select the image and click "Open."

Select Pet Photo on a Pet Record in a Client Account in Dog Sitting Software

Step 2

  • You will see the image. Click "Rotate right" or "Rotate left" if needed.
  • Click "Update."

Upload pet photo in pet sitting software

Step 3

Enter text for each field, as explained:
  • Name: This is set when you add a pet, however, you can change here if needed.
  • Type: This is set when you add a pet. To change, select a new Type from the drop down. Depending on the Type, some options below may change. See Custom Fields to change the types of pets available.
  • Breed: Enter pet's breed.
  • Color: Enter pet's color.
  • Gender: Select male or female.
  • Spayed / Neutered: Options change based how "Gender" was answered, choose from the list.
  • Date of Birth: Enter the pet's date of birth. To enter a date for a pet older than 10, select the earliest year available, then click the list again to show earlier years, select proper year. 
  • Is date of birth estimated or actual?: Click the appropriate option.
  • Microchipped?: Select yes or no.
  • If "Yes," "Enter the microchip number" becomes visible.
  • Insured?: Enter Insurance Policy details
  • If "Yes," "Choose File" appears. Click "Browse", select insurance policy, click "Open" to upload.
  • Click "Update."

Add the pet details in pet sitter software

Tip: To change the content and layout in this section, see Custom Fields.

Read more about CUSTOM FIELDS

Custom Fields enable you to customize the Client's pages in your database. This means you can add fields for data you capture such as specific pet behaviors or home management details. If you add custom fields, screenshots may not look the same as your database.

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