How Do I Set Up Hourly Paid Staff?

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Staff Types are usually used to identify the rate of pay a staff member is paid, and are used in conjunction with Staff Pay Rules to automatically set levels of pay for your services. For example, you can have a "staff type" that can be used solely for your staff that are paid hourly for their shifts (see example below) or you can set a "Manager" staff type for a business owner who doesn't get paid in the same way a staff might be.

Tip: If you need to create a new staff type, please see Managing Staff Types. Once you have created a new staff type you can apply it to each of your hourly paid staff.

Find out more about What is a Staff Type? to save time by ensuring your team is set up to calculate their pay automatically.

How Do I Add a Staff Type to a Staff Record?

Navigation: Admin > Staff > Choose staff name > Settings

Step 1

  • In each staff member's record, navigate to the Settings option, then choose the "Paid hourly" staff type from the dropdown menu.
  • Click "Update."

Step 2

Next you will need to set up a staff pay rule that ensures any hourly paid staff will appear in the Staff Pay Report with a nil value in the staff pay column.

You can then calculate their pay through the Staff Activity Report, and run the "Timecard export" to work out their payroll.

Tip: If you need to know how to create a new staff pay rule that relates to staff types, please see Adding a Staff Pay Rule. Once you have saved the new staff pay rule, the next time you run the Staff Pay Report, your hourly paid staff will have a nil value.

Note: You will need to create a new Staff Pay Rule for EVERY service that your hourly paid staff deliver.

How Do I Add a Staff Pay Rule for my Hourly Paid Staff Type?

Navigation: Admin > Services > Choose service > Staff Pay Rules

Step 1

  • Select the service that your hourly paid staff deliver, eg. "Dog walk 3 dogs, 30 mins."
  • Click "Staff Pay Rules" from the centre panel.
  • Click "Add a New Rule."
  • Choose "the staff type is" and "Paid hourly."
  • Enter "$0.00" in the "Then staff pay is" panel.
  • Click "Update."

Step 2

  • Your new staff pay rule appears in the list for that service. Every time a new service is scheduled for a staff member who has the staff type "Paid hourly" they will appear on the Staff Pay Report with a value of $0.00 staff pay due.

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