The Pet Vaccination Module

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If you are an existing user of Pet Sitter Plus, please note that Vaccinations are no longer part of Custom Fields. Please read the New Pet Vaccination Module Release Information Page for further clarification.

The Vaccinations Module is used for defining and entering Pet Vaccination data for each Pet Record on a Client Account. This ensures the storing and subsequent reporting of vaccination data is clear and easily retrieved for the purposes of monitoring when a pet is next due their vaccinations. This also helps establishments that offer Dog and Cat Boarding or Dog Daycare to remain compliant with the requirements of local governing bodies.

Read more about the functions of the Vaccination Module:

Enabling the Vaccination module, will allow you or your client (via the Client Portal) to add vaccination information for that pet.  When enabled, the vaccination module will allow the following:


Vaccination Types

Navigation: Admin > Supporting Data > Vaccination Types

Use this administrative function to define all the various types of vaccinations. A variety of configuration options are discussed later in this document.


Vaccinations Tab in the Pet Record

Navigation: Clients <select a client> <select a pet> > Vaccinations

When you click or tap on the Vaccinations tab under the pet record, admins and staff (subject to permissions) will be able to view and manage vaccination data on behalf of clients.


Vaccination Data in the Client Portal

If the vaccination module has been enabled, a “Vaccinations” tab will be displayed for each pet record in the client portal.


Vaccination Report

Navigation: Reports > Vaccinations

The Vaccination Report list all types of vaccinations that you have defined in “Vaccination Types”.

Vaccination Flags 

Navigation: Admin > Settings > Vaccinations > Enable Vaccination Flags

A new vaccination flag which appears on the service request processing screen will indicate the status of a client's pet vaccinations for service requests received. Use this function to highlight whether the clients who request services, have a pet that is unvaccinated or the vaccination is expired.

How do I enable the Vaccinations Module?

Navigation: Admin > Settings > Vaccinations

  • Toggle ON "Enable Vaccinations Module."
  • Click "Update."

Enable The Vaccination Module in Settings in Pet Sitting Software

Important: Disabling The Vaccination Module will remove the:
  • The Vaccinations Report.
  • The Vaccinations Tab from "Supporting Data".
  • The Vaccinations Tab from the Pet Record.

Tip: Further Reading:

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