Understanding Vaccination Settings

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Note: If you are an existing user of Pet Sitter Plus, please note that Vaccinations are no longer part of Custom Fields.
Please read the New Pet Vaccination Module Release Information Page for further clarification.

Vaccination Settings include several settings for viewing and entering Pet Vaccination Data in both the Pet Record on a Client Account and within the Client Portal.

Here is a summary of the options on the Vaccination Settings screen. Each option below has a link to a more detailed explanation and set of instructions on how to enable this function.


The Pet Vaccination Module

Quick Guide - The Pet Vaccination Module
The Pet Vaccination Module is used for defining and entering Pet Vaccination data for each  Pet Record on a Client Account. This ensures the storing and subsequent reporting of vaccination data is clear and easily retrieved for the purposes of monitoring when a pet is next due their vaccinations. This also helps establishments that offer Dog and Cat Boarding or Dog Daycare to remain compliant with the requirements of local governing bodies.

To enable the Pet Vaccination Module:

  • Navigate to: Admin > Settings > Vaccinations
  • Toggle ON "Enable Vaccinations Module."
  • Click "Update."

Detailed instructions....

Enable Vaccination Flags

Quick Guide - Enable Vaccination Flags
The Vaccination Flag appears on the Service Request tab when clients use their Client Portal to request services online.

This is useful to identify the status of a client's pet vaccinations and to highlight if one of these has expired or is unvaccinated. The vaccination flag icon will be displayed in red if one of these conditions is applicable.

To enable vaccination Flags:

  • Navigate to: Admin > Settings > Vaccinations
  • Toggle On "Enable Vaccination Flags."
  •  Click "Update."

Detailed instructions.... 

Allow Clients to Delete Vaccination Certificates

Quick Guide - Allow Clients to Delete Vaccination Certificates
This function enables you to choose whether or not to allow your clients to delete a previously uploaded vaccination certificate. 

If this toggle button is switched off, then a user in the client portal will not be able to delete a vaccination certificate, they will only be able to replace it with a new one.

However an Admin can still delete the certificate from within their system. If the toggle button is switched on, the user will be able to delete a previously uploaded vaccination certificate.

To enable Clients to delete Vaccination Certificates:

  • Navigate to: Admin > Settings > Vaccinations
  • Toggle On "Allow Clients to delete Vaccination Certificates."
  •  Click "Update."

 Detailed instructions....

Add Vaccination Guidance For Clients

Quick Guide - Vaccination Guidance For Clients
Vaccination Guidance is a function within Vaccination Settings and available for Admins designed to help your Clients understand what is required of them in relation to adding their Pets Vaccinations. 

The guidance you create will appear in the client portal and on the admin / staff pages  at the top of the vaccination page.

Your vaccination guidance narrative can be formatted with Bold/Underline etc. and will support links to external pages so your clients can reference external vet vaccination material or pages on your own website.

To enable Vaccination Guidance:

  • Navigate to: Admin > Settings > Vaccinations
  • Toggle ON "Vaccination Guidance."
  • Click "Update."

Detailed Instructions....

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