Getting Started: Basic System Configuration

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Getting Started Basic System Configuration: Pet Sitter Plus has incredible power to drastically reduce your administration time in areas from Scheduling and Client Management, to Invoicing and Reporting and more. Configuring your system correctly from the start empowers you to save time and maximize the benefit of your new software.

Note: These are the Minimum configurations you need for your system function properly. You will also want to set up your email. You can review the other Configuration Guides for additional settings.

1. Company Settings

This section should be filled in with your basic Company Details. 
  • Name: This field is used on Invoices, the Client Portal and is a Merge Code {COMPANY_NAME} that inserts your Company Name into emails and narratives exactly as it appears here.
  • Email Address: This field is used when sending emails and is a Merge Code {COMPANY_EMAIL} that inserts this email address into emails and narratives.
  • Reply-to Email Address: The email address responses to go for emails sent from Pet Sitter Plus.
  • Vacation Alert Email Address: The email "Staff Time Off" requests are sent to (if using Time Off.)
  • Phone Number: This field is a Merge Code {COMPANY_PHONE} that inserts this phone number into emails and narratives.
  • Address: Appears on quotes, invoices and account summaries. This field is not a Merge Code.

Company Settings Dog Walking Software

Upload your logo so it appears on Invoices and your Client Portal.
  • Ensure your logo size is 300px x 100px, 50KB and the format is either: png, jpg, jpeg or gif.
  • Select "Choose File," navigate to your logo file on your PC/MAC and select it.
  • Click "Update." 

Tip: Take a look at the client portal from a client's perspective to check your logo looks OK.

3. Date & Time Formats

Date & Time Formats ensure your services are scheduled at the appropriate times and the allows you to customize the Date and Time displays for your team and clients.
  • Time Zone: Select your Time Zone, note some options do not adjust for Daylight Savings Time. If you are located in your Time Zone select "Set timezone based on your current location."
  • Time Format: 12 Hour uses AM/PM; 24 Hour displays 2PM as 14:00.
  • Date Format: Used on Invoices and Logs. Month/Day and Day/Month options.
  • Long Date Format: Used in the Portal and Schedule. Adds Day of the week.
  • Input Date Format: Used in all Date dropdowns when scheduling service and creating reports. Options including day of the week help reduce scheduling errors.

Add the time and date to company settings in dog walking software

4. Tax Settings

Automatically adds tax to Invoices. Use only if you collect tax such as sales tax or VAT / GST, if you don't, skip to the next section.
  • Tax Label: Displays on Invoices beside the tax amount. Using GST in this field also changes the Invoice title to Tax Invoice (instead of simply Invoice)using VAT changes it to VAT Invoice.
  • Tax Code: Displays your Tax Code on Invoices.
  • Default Tax Rate %: Displays on Invoices beside Tax Label to indicate tax percentage and calculates appropriate tax. Input Example: 6.25, do not include % symbol.
  • Submitted Tax Date: Select date to log each time you submit tax payments.

Add the tax settings to company settings in dog walker software

5. Currency

Company Currency: Sets the currency type for Invoices, Staff Pay, Client Charges, Reports, etc.
  • Select Currency from dropdown, select "Update."

Add the currency settings to company settings in cat sitting software

6. Client Settings

For each client's account from the Client Admin screen, a number of functions can be enabled to govern the way their account operates within Pet Sitter Plus. 

The Client Settings screen has two "Default" or Global settings which can be utilised to set all New Clients to a Default Invoice Type and a Default Staff/Primary Sitter.

Note: Enabling these functions, sets all NEW clients from this point forward to the selected default Staff/Primary Sitter or Default Invoice Type, but does not change previously set clients

  • Select your Default Invoice Type from the drop down box.
  • Click "Update"
  • Select your Default Staff from the drop down box.
  • Click "Update."

Set new clients to a default Invoice Type and Default Staff Type in Pet Sitting Software


Continue on with your system set-up:

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