Getting Started: Client Admin Settings

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Getting Started Client Admin: Each Client Account has a section for Client Admin. This allows you to create unique settings for clients such as pricing, primary sitter, tax rate, referral source and more.

Client Admin settings override Company Settings and are also used to generate many of the reports.

Note: From the Client Account, select "Client Admin" to access the sections in Client Admin.


1. Sitters
2. Keys
3. Settings
4. Logs

1. Sitters

Each client can have one Primary Sitter and additional sitters attached to their account. 
  • Add a Sitter to the Client Account: Select a Sitter from the dropdown, select "Add New Sitter."
  • Set Sitter as Primary: Select "make primary" beside that sitter's name.
  • Remove a Sitter: Select "x" beside that sitter's name.
  • The grid shows the type of access each sitter has on the client account.

Add a sitter to the client account in pet sitting software

When Scheduling:
  • Primary Sitters are assigned new services for that client by default.
  • The rest of the Sitters are listed at the top of the staff list for easy reference.

Primary sitters help with scheduling in dog day care software

2. Keys

Allows you to add, edit, assign and review a list of all Keys on file for a client. 
  • To Add a Key: Enter Name & Reference (a searchable code for the key), Select "Create Key."

Add a key to the client account in dog day care software

Once keys are added they are viewable in a list.
  • To Assign a Key: Select the Key from the list.

Assign a key to the client account in dog walking software

  • Select the Staff member, Select "Update" and the Assignment Log is Updated.

Assign a key to staff in dog walker software

3. Settings

Settings are connected to many different aspects of Pet Sitter Plus. Each set of dropdown choices are customizable to your company. Details on customization are in Supporting Data & Services.
  • Tax Rate: If you do not charge Tax, ignore. 
    • If you have one tax rate for all Clients set that rate in Company Settings. 
    • If you use Multiple Tax Rates, select the Tax Rate for this client. 
    • This automatically adds tax to a client's invoice.
  • Invoice Type: If you bill all clients on the same cycle, with the same Due Date, ignore.
    • If you have clients billed on different cycles such as weekly and monthly or some clients that pay in advance of service and others after service, select the Invoice Type for this client.
    • This automatically sets Due Date on client invoice and invoices by billing cycle in Bulk Invoicing.
  • Client Type: If you charge all clients the same price, ignore.
    • If you have, for example, some clients grandfathered onto an old rate structure, or clients that receive a Friends & Family Discount, select the Client Type for this client.
    • This automatically sets different client prices for the same service for specific clients.
  • Areas: If you do not need to group clients for easy scheduling or financial reporting, ignore.
    • To group clients for fast scheduling and for financial reports, select the Area for this client.
  • Referral Source: If you do not track referrals, ignore.
    • To produce financial reports on marketing methods, select the Referral Source for this client.
  • Payment Method: If you do not accept payments via Stripe or PayPal, ignore.
    • If you accept payments via Stripe or PayPal, select the payment method this client uses.
    • Set all clients to a Payment Method in Company Settings to avoid setting them individually.
  • Primary Sitter: If you do not use Primary Sitters, ignore.
    • Set a Primary Sitter to have services automatically scheduled to a staff member that usually carries out the service.
  • Active: Keeps a client in your Active list. When toggled OFF, client is removed from the active list.
  • Disable Portal Login: To prevent a client using the Portal, toggle ON. Useful for clients who you don't want to deal with anymore.
  • Disable Request Services: To allow continued access to the Portal BUT prevent a client from making booking requests, toggle this option ON. Useful if a client owes you money.
  • Click "Update" when you are done to save your edits.

Add the settings in client admin in pet sitting software

4. Logs

  • Select "Events" to view a history of activity generated from the Client Portal.

View the client logs in dog walker software

  • Select "Messages" to view a history of emails sent to the client.

View messages in client logs in dog walking software


After you've added Clients, move on to Scheduling.

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