What are Interface Permissions?

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Interface Permissions control which modules in the software staff can see. Here you can customize individual staff and admin "roles" by switching ON or OFF any of the menu options available in Pet Sitter Plus. You will then be able to apply the same sets of permissions to individual staff to match the role permissions you've designed for your organization.

Note: Every person who uses Pet Sitter Plus will have a "staff" role, even if they are an Admin and don't work in the field. They need a unique email address and password to log in, and their permissions are set individually in their staff record.

Understanding Staff Permissions:

Staff Permissions allow you to fully customize the functionality available to particular staff roles within your business. Staff who are assigned work require the staff interface to complete their duties. Senior trusted staff may also require more access to certain scheduling or admin functions, particularly if they look after a team of sitters. In essence, Staff Permissions control which functions you give staff access to; the Interface Permissions control which modules staff can see.

Understanding Admin Permissions:

Admin Permissions allow you to fully customize the functionality and access available to particular admin roles within your business. Admins are usually key roles in the running of the business and need access to all or most areas of the software to do their job. Junior admin roles require a reduced set of functions and some areas would need to be restricted for this role. In essence, Admin Permissions control which functions you give staff access to; the Interface Permissions control which modules staff can see.

How do I Control what Staff and Admins Can See in the Interface?

Navigation: Admin > Staff > select Staff Name > Permissions > Interface Permissions

Access to several menus and sub-menus can be configured for certain staff roles.
  • Slide the toggle switch to ON or OFF for any main and sub menu options for that individual staff.
  • Click "Update" to save their permissions.

Example staff permissions to access the interface in pet sitting software

Which Interface Permissions Can I Control?

The following is a list of all the menus and sub-menus that can be switched ON or OFF for any staff member in the interface permissions:
  • Staff Interface
    • My Dashboard
    • My List View
    • My Column View
    • My Key List
    • My Required Keys
    • My Pay Report
Admin Interface
  • Scheduler
    • List View
    • Column View
    • Compact View
    • Planner
    • Service Requests
    • Schedule Repeats
  • GPS Monitor
    • Dashboard
    • Staff Activity
  • Key Management
    • Key List
    • Required Keys
  • Invoicing
    • Bulk Invoicing
    • Unpaid Invoices
    • Credit Debit Notes
    • Invoice List
  • Reports
    • Payments
    • Revenue & Tax
    • Staff Pay
    • Tips
    • Schedule Stats
    • Top Clients By Spend
    • Service Analysis
    • Client Inactivity
    • Last Client Service
    • Vaccinations
    • Pet Birthdays
    • Card Expiry
    • New Clients
    • SMTP Status
    • Show Expenses
    • Refunds
    • Write Offs
  • Admin
    • Services
    • Staff
    • Settings
    • Supporting Data
    • Payment Processors
    • Custom Fields

Important: If you have been granted Admin Rights, you will not be able to switch OFF the "Staff" sub-menu in your own permissions. This is a safety measure to ensure you do not "lock yourself out" of the interface.

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