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Once you connect your Pet Sitter Plus system to your existing QuickBooks Online account, financial transactions and client data created within Pet Sitter Plus are "synced" directly into your QuickBooks Online account. This will dramatically reduce the cost of bookkeeping while improving the accuracy of your overall accounting solution.


What is the Sync Start Date?

Navigation: Connect > Accounting Systems > QuickBooks 

Client and financial data can be synchronized from the date you enter in the "Sync Start Date" field. This defaults to “Today” for a new connection.

  • If the Sync Start Date is set to “today” then QuickBooks will begin synchronizing all financial transactions that occurred on your Pet Sitter Plus system from 00:00am (midnight) of the current day.
  • If a date in the future is entered: any synchronization of financial transactions will not take place until that date is reached.
  • If a date in the past is entered:
    1. The QuickBooks integration will attempt to sync all transactions that occurred between the current day and the date you enter either every 5 hours with "Auto Sync", or immediately with "Sync Now"
    2. It will also commence synchronizing all new transactions from the current day onwards.

Enter a sync start date for your quickbooks integration in dog daycare software

Once the sync process has taken place, a full list of actions that took place during synchronization is kept in the "Last Sync" result log.

Last sync result log in QuickBooks integration for cat sitting software

Note: Back Posting of financial transactions to QuickBooks from Pet Sitter Plus can be done as far back in time as required in batches of 300 transactions from the chronologically oldest sync date.

Can Pet Sitter Plus Automatically Synchronize Transactions to QuickBooks online?

Navigation: Connect > Accounting Systems > QuickBooks 

There is an option to Auto Sync your QuickBooks Integration. 

  • On the Connect to QuickBooks page, toggle ON "Auto Sync"

Autosync QuickBooks to Pet Sitter Plus in Dog Daycare Software

QuickBooks will attempt to sync new transactions made in Pet Sitter Plus approximately every 5 hours. This task is performed automatically in the background and as a user, you will not be aware that it is happening.

Can I Sync My Financial Transactions on Demand to QuickBooks Online?

There may be scenarios where you need to use the "Sync Now" function instead of "Auto Sync" if you required your transactions to be synchronized immediately. 

Example: You have just performed a billing run and you want the Invoices you created to be synchronized without significant delay to enable you to produce or submit your monthly/quarterly or annual accountancy reports. 

Clicking on the Sync Now button creates a request to synchronize the most recently posted Pet Sitter Plus financial transactions with QuickBooks. The Sync Now function should execute the synchronization within a few minutes of clicking the “Sync Now” button.

To manually sync your financial transactions to QuickBooks Online:

Navigation: Connect > Accounting Systems > QuickBooks 

  • Click on "Sync Now"

Manually Sync your Pet Sitter Plus financial transactions to QuickBooks online in Dog Walking Software

Can I View All the Transactions That Have Synced to QuickBooks Online?

You can view the status of your auto sync or view historical transactions that have taken place by accessing the Transaction List.

Once a transaction has been successfully synced to QuickBooks, the "State" badge will become green and display "Synced" and I QuickBooks ID will be created.

View all QuickBooks Synced transactions in Dog Walking Software

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