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When Invoices are created in Pet Sitter Plus and your system is connected to the QuickBooks Online Integration, your Invoice data is replicated automatically in your QuickBooks account.

The invoice is added to the “Data in Next Sync” queue. This is an automated process and synchronizes items hourly.

Tip: If you need to synchronize items immediately, go to Connect > Accounting Systems > QuickBooks and press the “Sync Now” button. This will trigger the synchronization process on demand.

Following the synchronization of an invoice, the invoice and all its service details will be available under the client account transaction list in QuickBooks Online. When the synchronization involves a first invoice for a client, then the client will be created (or matched) and / or updated at this time. See Are Client Accounts Added to QuickBooks?.

How are my Pet Sitter Plus Invoices Added to QuickBooks online?

Navigation: Connect > Accounting Systems > QuickBooks 

Step 1

  •  Create a Client Invoice in Pet Sitter Plus.

Client Invoice created in Pet Sitting Software

Step 2

  • The invoice created is added to the QuickBooks Data Sync queue.

Client Invoice added to the QuickBooks Integration Data Sync queue in Cat Sitting Software


Step 3

  • On sync, the integration checks for existing client information. 
  • If the client information is not present in QuickBooks, an error message is reported and a new client record in QuickBooks is created.
  • The Client Invoice is then created and added to the Client Account transaction list in QuickBooks.

Successful sync of client data and invoice in the QuickBooks Integration in cat boarding software

Step 4

The Invoice data is added to the QuickBooks chart of accounts.

  • The total Invoice amount will be debited to the Accounts Receivable account.
  • The individual service line items that appear on the invoice will be added to the PSP Income account.

Pet Sitter Plus Invoice synced to QuickBooks in Dog Walking Software

Client Invoice added to PSP Income in the QuickBooks Integration in dog sitting software

Will I be able to get a detailed revenue breakdown from QBO?

Yes – The individual service line items that appear on each invoice will be added to the PSP Income account found in the chart of accounts. This will enable QuickBooks to produce a detailed breakdown of revenue by service type.

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