What is Service Booking Cut Off Time?

Modified on Sun, 17 Dec, 2023 at 7:05 PM

Once you have allowed clients to request services online through the Client Portal, you also have some settings to limit when clients can request services and cancel services online, called "Booking & Cancel Restrictions." The setting "Company Booking Restriction" prevents clients from requesting services online within a given number of “hours before the service start time” or “days before the service date.” 

Using "Service Booking Cut Off Time" in conjunction with the Company Booking Restriction of "Days before cut off time" setting, allows you to override the midnight cutoff and set your own cutoff at any time during the day before, for example 9PM.

Tip: Here is an example scenario of how the two settings work together: 

You usually finalize scheduling for the following day at 9PM. However, at 11:30PM a client requests a visit for 7AM the following day. You don't see this booking until the next morning after it is too late to fulfill. Your client is unhappy as they requested it the day before and believed it to be scheduled. The service request was allowed with the Company Booking Restriction as the cutoff time is midnight.

With the additional setting of "Service Booking Cut Off Time", you can set a different time for your cutoff, eg. at 9PM. Then if a client tries to book a visit at 11.30PM for the next morning, they will see a warning message in the Portal explaining that the service could not be requested as it is too short notice.

How Can I Set My Own Cutoff Time for Late Bookings?

Navigation: Admin > Settings > Service Request Settings > Restrictions

  • In “Service Booking Cut Off Time” enter a time, e.g. 9:00pm.
  • Click "Update."
Set your service cut off time for clients to book online in dog walking software

Example of the error message received by the client in the client portal when trying to book too late.

Error message received in Client Portal when a service is requested out of hours in dog walking software

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