Managing Repeat Services

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Repeat Services schedules visits for all clients that have regularly recurring work at once. You can schedule visits for any time frame, such as weekly or monthly. When you do, you also create a Service Order for each client, that is ready for invoicing on your next billing cycle. In order to schedule repeat services, add a repeat service template to each client's account.

You can manage a client's Repeat Service Template, updating it to include additional days, changing the sitter, changing the service or changing the time/time block. 

You can also make the Repeat Service Template inactive or delete them entirely.


How Do I Add a New Repeat Service to a Client's Account?

Navigation: Clients > access a client's account > Repeat Services > Manage Repeats

Note: If no existing Repeat Services Templates are present, go to Step 2

Step 1

  • If not Click "+ New" on the main screen to open the options for creating a new repeat service.
Add a new repeat service to a clients account in dog walking software

Step 2

  • Enter the details for the client's repeat service, descriptions of these are listed below
  • Click "Create."

Add a repeat service from the client account in dog walking software

How Do I Edit a Client's Repeat Service?

Once you create a repeat service, you can edit it, such as:
  • Move a client's regular Wednesday walk to Thursday
  • Add a walk on Mondays
  • Change the primary sitter or the time of the services
  • Change the times of the service
Navigation: Clients > access a client's account > Repeat Services > Manage Repeats

  • On the Manage Repeats screen, if there is more than one repeat service template, make sure the one you want to edit is selected.
  • Edit the repeat service details. 
  • Click "Update Service."
Edit a repeat service from the client account in dog walking software

Tip: If you change the days of the week for the repeat service, remember to change the label as well. 

What Can I Edit in The Repeat Service Template?

The following repeat service details are available to add/edit:

Label: Type in a brief description for the service e.g.: "Mon-Fri AM" or "Tue, Thurs" – keep the description short for display on the repeat services report. Service description e.g.: 30 Minute Dog Walk, is not needed as that is a field in the report. 

Service Item: Select the service item, e.g.: Group Walk 1 Dog, from the dropdown.

Staff: Sitter to assign the services to.

Days: Uncheck the boxes for the days the service should NOT be scheduled.

Date of Month: If the service is only required one day a month, select the date from the dropdown.

Time: Select the time the service is scheduled.

Timeframe: The timeframe defines the window of time the service should be started. For example, if a service should be started no earlier than 15 minutes before the service Time and no later than 15 minutes after the service Time, set the timeframe to 15 minutes. See Service Item Timeframe. If you do set a timeframe for a service AND you set "Show Time" (see below) to "Yes," the timeframe will be displayed in the schedule.

Time Block: Sometimes it is not necessary to display a specific service time. For example, if you walk 4 dogs together over lunchtime, it doesn't usually matter if you start at 12:00 or 1:00pm as long as the dogs are walked during lunchtime. It is important, however, to group the dogs by schedule period to easily see services that can be done together to plan the work day.

Time Block Edit: " allows you to enter a custom time-block (a time block not preset in the drop-down). For example, a client requests a dog walk from 11:00am-12:00pm, but your preset time blocks include 11:00am-1:00pm. Change the time block for these services, by clicking "edit" by the Time Block, entering the custom time block, click "done."

Show Time: Some clients request a specific time, such as a visit at exactly 5pm, so the time needs to display on the schedule. "Show Time" has a default setting   ("Show Time Default")  , in Admin > Settings > Schedule Settings. "Show Time" initially displays the system default, but you can change it for a particular repeat service.
  • When "No" is selected, the exact service time is NOT shown in the schedule. Instead the time is only be used to govern which schedule column the service is displayed in.
  • When "Yes" is selected, the exact service time shows in the schedule and the time also governs which schedule column the service is displayed in.

Schedule Ref Override: Replaces "Schedule Ref" on the schedule. For example, if your client has two dogs and their Schedule Ref is "Poppy and Penny" but their repeat service is for Penny only; enter "Penny" in "Schedule Ref Override" to have only "Penny" appear in the Schedule for the service.

Scheduling Notes: (i.e.. "do not schedule June as client away") appear on the Repeat Service report (Scheduler > Repeat Services). 

Invoice Notes: Appear on client invoices and also the Admin and Staff Schedules.

Staff Notes: Appear on Admin and Staff schedules and cannot be seen by Clients.

The repeat service or recurring service function in pet sitting software

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